sketch book: candy

yesterday afternoon was lovely.

a friend invited me over for tea, chocolate, and painting.

i took my watercolors and practiced sketching and painting candy...



...lately i have been seeking out and practicing all sorts of different watercolor + ink styles.

these yummy treats are based on the illustration of jen corace in the book "little pea" by amy krouse rosenthal.


PixieMuse said...

I think I preferred the photo to the scan, the colours are so much richer and, I don't know, organic?
It's really hard to scan drawings and paintings on paper. I always find that when I get rid of the paper texture when editing, half of the colours and marks I've made are lost as well :/
Ps. I hope you'll post pictures of your rag rug if you make one!

diane said...

yes, i prefer the photo too...the scan washed everything out and diminished the texture as well.

i will definitely post a photo when i rock the rag rug!

Morganism said...

Girrrrl, your pen(wo)manship is the best! Candy in packaging too pretty to eat! <3

Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...

oh my!

p.s i found you through Indie Biz!