choose your poison

i love dramatic macabre beauty.

these photos by daniela edburg satisfy that love.

from the drop dead gorgeous collection...

"death by lifesavers"

"death by cotton candy"

"death by oreos"

from the killing time collection...


"the fisherman"


nikolina100 said...

so much awesome!

Megan V said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! I love these photos!!! Oghhhhhggaaahhh! (haha sorry had to freak out). I get so excited when I see new awesome photography ideas!!! Thanks for sharing these!!! I just joined Indie Biz class and am blog hopping!! Nice to "meet you"! xo

MeeshOne.Love said...

Love these! The cotton candy one is a fav of mine...I even posted it on Valentine's Day!

PixieMuse said...

The goth in me claims the Oreo one as my favourite hehe.. amazing photos!!