i found this last night...

...it is one of those nostalgic images that gives me an intense memory jolt because i don't think i have seen it or thought about it since the time that i actually used it.

and i used it a lot.  

brush-on peel-off nail polish! 
cleverly known as "bo-po!"
six exciting colors!


tinkerbell was one of my earliest cosmetic providers and brought me joy in scented lip gloss and other such delights.


MeeshOne.Love said...

Get out! I totally used to be an avid Tinkerbell user myself...we need that peel off polish back! No more cow print nails. ;) Remember that chapstick that came in a mini plastic marbelized tube? My favorite!

PixieMuse said...

Hah it's even non-toxic? I've stopped using most nail polish as they're all full of toxic chemicals but I miss having pretty nails..