{snap} beach rocks

{pebble rainbow - goat rock beach}

hello again.

i have been away from the inn for five months.

this was an unexpected absence.

you have been missed, my dear friends.

i shall be gently easing back into this space.

the photograph above was one of my many meditations this summer.

there has been an enormous amount of innkeeper contemplation happening during this time.

after much thought and with great love, i declare the door to the inn open once again.



Beka said...

Hello again, dear, dear friend :) You have been sorely missed but your long anticipated return is the best sunshine to my day :) I hope you are well and look forward to your new words. All inns have their off seasons, yours I am sure was much needed and that rest, recuperation and contemplation was resoratative to your soul. Peace, dear friend, and welcome back!

Emily said...

I have missed you and have been thinking of you lately. I'm glad you're coming back to the inn. Sending you lots of love as you dust things off and open the shutters!

Anonymous said...

that's great. welcome back.


Ashley said...

Good to have you back! :)

keishua said...

Welcome back!!

Foxglove Lane said...

Good to have you back, I was just thinking, ahem, where is she gone???

Susie Wilson said...

Huzzah! XO