{shift} heart map

i have been a quiet innkeeper lately.

my inner world as an artist is shifting and has required my full attention.

a challenge i have in my work: how do i continue to produce art through the shifts?

sometimes when changes occur within me, i get creatively quiet. in these moments i am unsure of what to say in my artistic space. thus, i often opt to say nothing at all.

i suspect that this choice may be a form of perfectionism.

it could also be a hibernation for meditation, a quiet wisdom-gathering mission within.

it might be a silent snail shell of protection, a place to hide out and feel safe.

it is possibly all or none of the above.

regardless of what it is, i am starting to move through it by writing this post.

and i am dropping in to say hello to you as well as to send you my love.

going forward, i will be sipping on tea and finding my footing.

as always, you are warmly invited to hang out with me here at the inn while i morph and evolve into the next version of myself.


Jo said...

this is a quiet time filled with excitement...the kind of quiet where you can hear your heart pounding from the rush of new things on the horizon. what a great place to be!

sara mansfield said...

hullo! every innkeeper needs an off-season... we'll all help you pull off the dust covers and rearrange the furniture and put up new wallpaper.

Petra said...

that's beautifully written. you are right, it's probably all and none of the above. take your time :)


beka {ginger*urchin} said...

I know exactly what you mean and would say it is all of the above. It is my 'knowing' that we need these pauses in our 'regular arty' output and must try not to push or force things that are not ready to come - that is our perfectionist self saying we must be productive if we are to be taken seriously (I am sure you know all this being familiar with Julia's writings)...

Anyway, it is lovely to hear from you - I having been missing your whimsy - and wish you calmness and peace in your metamorphosis to becoming your new self.

xo, B