{camp cozy} belgian hot chocolate

i try a new hot chocolate recipe every winter.

honestly, my choices keep getting more and more decadent with each twirl around the sun.

this year i made a chocolat chaud that is by far the most creamy, rich, and robust that i have ever tasted...

{belgian hot chocolate + vanilla whipped cream}

the recipe is from the great book of chocolate by david lebovitz. it orginated from wittamer, one of the best chocolate shops in brussels. it is a beautifully simple blend of whole milk, semisweet and milk chocolate, cinnamon, and just a pinch of salt.

the result is a very, very rich drinking chocolate. i only made half of the recipe and it was absolutely too much. i definitely recommend serving it in espresso cups or something smaller than the hearty coffee mug pictured above.

i added my own homemade whipped cream to the top. heavy cream, vanilla extract, and a tiny pinch of sugar were all frothed into fluffiness by my beloved mixin' vixen. the creamy clouds were delicious and helped balance the intensity of the chocolate.

p.s. take a look at the calendar of flavors for the twenty eleven hot chocolate festival in new york. dreamy!


Foxglove Lane said...

Ooo how wonderful, great pic, I want one! An obvious benefit of winter which I had forgotten about:~))

Mary said...

I don't even really have to words to describe how delicious that hot choc looks.