{party} unpause

hello there, sweet friends!

your innkeeper took more of a party pause than originally intended.

you see, things got quite cozy and introspective yesterday at the inn.

many hours were spent snuggled up on the couch with coffee and blankets...

instead of continuing the party, i took the time to read through every single post since my birthday last year.

as i wandered through three hundred and sixty five days of life at the inn, i felt amazed and grateful.

i find it mind-boggling to be able to create an imaginary world of my dreams and to have other people participate in it with me.

i find it wondrous to meet and interact with such fascinating souls from all over the globe, artists and thinkers and feelers and poets and chefs and teachers and makers and writers.

i find it meaningful to carry the lens of "innkeeper" with me throughout my days, to be able to share my stories here and see them scattered throughout the world...

in retrospect, my thirty-sixth year was a delight.

it was an adventure.

it was full of love.

it was magical.

thank you for being here + for reading about my journey.

i truly appreciate your presence at the inn.



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Mim Smith Faro said...

HaPpY BeLAtEd! Thank-you for your willingness to open up the inn to us. ((hugs)) and well wishes for a wonderful 37th year!