{party} favor: moleskine pocket journals

one of my favorite things in the world is a small journal.

tiny cahiers travel well and are easy to fill. i feel a sense of abundance with a little blank book which allows me to let go of perfectionism and just create.

on the occasion of my birthday, i felt like sharing this feeling with you! so i walked into our local art supply store this morning and purchased this trio of moleskine cahiers...

earlier this year, i used one of these journals to draw zentangles.

now i have a brand new package of three snappy red plain journals to gift to one of you!

these are quite fun to decorate. they are made of cardboard and can be adorned with paint, stamps, stickers, photos, or anything else your heart desires.

i will send these (along with a love note from the inn) to one special guest.

just leave a comment below detailing or dreaming about what you might do with these lovely little notebooks. i will randomly select one comment on wednesday november twenty-third.



Susie Wilson said...

If no one claims lil' red, I would tuck it away to use while perusing the periodicals at the library! I love to jot down ideas, recipes, websites, quirky observations of fellow library-goers. Hoping you have a brilliant Thanksgiving, Di! I will dearly miss that warm bustley Reid house holiday table. Mwah!

Beka*B said...

Little red notebooks are always handy-dandy in my home: should these little gems come home to me, I will most likely fill them with my morning pages (looking to upsize my current tiny notebooks to something a wee bit bigger). I may also use these to throw in my bag for jotting down those flashes of amazing inspiration that always strike when you are most far from paper and pen, *hehe* :)

Thank you my dear friend for this sweet offer: will tweet about it too!

Phillaine said...

How exciting! I love the moleskine journals, and the cahiers are my favorite. I've only had one large one, but I'd love the little ones to take with me where I go...
I've read up quite a bit on "doodle journaling" and thought it might be a cool free-form way to express myself without the pressure of a serious journal or serious drawings; these would be the perfect little canvases for such a project, and could come with me anywhere (which is exactly where one doodles!). :P This is a very sweet prize and gesture. I'll tweet about this and your other giveaway as well.

Mim Smith Faro said...

Am I too late? I love these little journals to throw in my bag and use to pass the time during meetings when I can blend into the crowd- say loooong boring all-district meetings held in the auditorium! I love to practice my lettering in them.