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your innkeeper adores adventure.

one of the things i love about adventure: meeting a wondrous variety of mind-blowing and magical people. when traipsing all over the map, i consider myself wildly lucky to meet an array of amazing humans.

one such specimen is the fantastically effervescent annie passanisi of happiness advocates...

i was introduced to annie on twitter many moons ago (thank you fabeku!) and we instantly swooned over each other. as pixie dust spreaders, musical theatre gals, and burn broads, we are kindred spirits indeed.

when my burning man ticket search got tough last month, annie called me and scooped me up out of my funk. after a dismal morning of tears and frustration, she made me laugh riotously and convinced me that it would happen. we actually got to meet each other in person on the playa, and i can say with heartfelt gusto that i will adore her forever...

since we returned from the desert, annie has been assembling her own personal dream team of twelve women who will be collaborating on a beautiful project this fall.

i am ridiculously excited to announce that she invited me to be one of those twelve!

most of the juicy project details will be detailed later, but for now i will say that the result is going to be a whimsy-fest of epic proportions.

right now, i am working on my contribution to this project. i have a big batch of stardust simmering - lots of thinking, outlining, collecting inspiration, brainstorming, and researching going on here at the inn.

which brings me back to adventure, the concept that landed me here in the first place. my part in annie's whimsical creation is about adventure...
{image via shawna laurington}

thus, your innkeeper has a humble research request. if you have a moment to leave me a comment, i would love to ponder your response to the following question:

how do you define adventure in your life? what does the concept of adventure mean in your world?


faerian said...

adventure for me is stepping out of your mundane life, it may be geographically, imaginatively, creaitively, sexually, with clothing, with hair ... there are many kinds of adventures but they all add juice to your life.

Beka*B said...

my thoughts: adventure is facing fear and doing that thing anyway. it is taking the bull by the horns and holding on for the ride. come what may. it is having no regrets on the outcome of our jumping the cliff-edge. adventure is doing the thing that most others would not. it involves guts. it involves daring. and through it we discover a new definition of ourselves. of what makes us who we are and that our limits are infinate if only we let ourselves.

Mim Smith Faro said...

To me- adventure means going to the unknown or strange with an open heart and mind and living for the experience.

diane said...

faerian...ah yes! there are indeed many different kinds of adventures. and life juice = an incredibly important substance. my gratitude for your thoughts!

beka...i have goosebumps from your wonderful words. you have given me much poetry to ponder. thank you kindly, dear friend.

mim...i meditated on the word "open" earlier, and now reading your words has made me think even further through it. i really appreciate this statement, mim. xo

Courtney said...

To me, adventure means taking yourself out of your comfort zone, a break in routine. This can be something very small (going to a new restaurant) to something very large (going to a new country). I feel that when I push myself to take part in even the smallest of adventures I'm enriching my life by exposing myself to more of what life has to offer.

ALFIE said...

to me adventure is anything i do with passion. anything i do that i'm a little bit afraid of. anything i do for the first time. anything i do while laughing. anything i do with the windows rolled down.

adventure is my life force.
i look for it in everything.

Becca said...

Let's discuss under the stars this weekend!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

well i can sure see why the two of you bonded together instinctively! Annie is alive and fun as can be, total mirror of you Diane. she's got a truly infectious personality, loved the video...seems she's stepped right out of the most cool children's book with sensational swagger. congrats on this collabz, sounds like it's so up your alley.

to me adventure means a transcendent moment, the kind where everything is new, appreciated to its fullest and fills me up with such a unique vibration. it could be something as simple as riding in a freight elevator for the 1st time and hearing it creak along up the old brick walls of an equally decrepit building, where at any moment something scary could happen. it could be pulling up my metaphoric boot straps and delving into an activity once thought of as impossible to do. i'm sure you've come up with wizard ideas for your contribution, can't wait to learn more. xoox ♥