{housekeeping} sort*purge*plan

the last couple of months have been a unique chapter in my life with an intense focus and an unpredictable timeline.

this particular part of my story began with my request for vitality and ended with writing about the temple of transition.

these pages in my book have been about recognizing my need for new energy, fresh life-force, deep inspiration...and manifesting these things in a big way.

now that i have stirred up all this vim and vigor, i am ready to begin a new chapter in which i put this delightful bubbly zip to excellent use.

the first bit of business in this endeavor: cleaning...

tidying up may not seem like the most exciting way to start a new adventure, but for me it is absolutely necessary.

you see, conjuring up such a whirlwind of energy caused my inn to get wildly messy.

today it was time to tame the explosion of brainstormy ideas and displaced items so that i can prepare for the wonders in store for this fall.

restoring the inn to order is actually one of my favorite things to do.

thus, i'm officially whipping things into shape around here. your innkeeper is making lists, clearing cobwebs, and stashing dusty desert gear neatly away.

dear friends, while i sort, purge, and plan, i have thrilling stuff simmering on the stove which i can hardly wait to share with you...


Anonymous said...

sounds exciting! I understand your need to clean and tidy to get ready for the next step on your journey. for me it's decluttering (which usually goes hand in hand with cleaning and putting things in order).

good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Cleaning is a good way to get your mind organized as well. A clean house really helps me relax so that I can fully enjoy engulfing myself in projects. :)

diane said...

petra...decluttering is a key element for me. i just cannot seem to think clearly when there is stuff everywhere! thanks. xo

diane said...

alex...yes, a clean house helps me chill out and settle into my creative work. thanks for understanding why i geek out on it! :D