{fanfare} three hundred cups o' stardust

in case you might have missed my tendency to gush rainbows, i'm a girl who loves to celebrate the big and small moments in life.

this heart-topped macchiato marks a milestone here at the inn...

you are officially reading post number three hundred.

your innkeeper is throwing sparkly confetti and uncorking a bottle of bubbly on this lovely occasion.

i'm thrilled to be in this moment.

it feels like i have only just started this wondrous journey!

how could i do it without you?

alas, i could not.

you make my stardust gathering and curating possible, meaningful, joyful.

thank you for being my guests.

such true happiness radiates from within me when creating this space for you...i hope you can feel it.

here's to our future together at the inn!



Mary said...

I can certainly feel it!

Keep on creating, sweet one, I'll be here.

Happy 300th post!

Petra said...

congratulations!!!! I will keep visiting :)


Becca said...

Happy 300, dear Dew Drop Inn!!! What a spectacular occasion!

keishua said...

Happy 300!! Hope you are having a good day.

ALFIE said...

so happy to have journeyed here with you! here's to the next 300 :)

A Bird Out of Water said...

Sending sparkles and love bombs your way friend, congrats on 300!

diane said...

all of this love makes me smile from ear to ear.

it is returned a thousand fold, wonderful friends!