{words} you are marvelous

p.s. i adore tom waits. he lives in my lovely little town. have you ever listened to nighthawks at the diner? it's one of my favorites. xo


HazelandMare said...

I love Tom Waits too! That's so awesome he lives in your town- do you ever see him? He has such a great and growly voice :)

silvii tron said...

Check you out name dropper! Mind you, a friend lives down the road from Charlie Watts aka drummer of The Rolling Stones!

It's a perfect combo of Tom Waits reading Bukowski - both with their tales, ups and downs and adventures.

Petra said...

oh, I love them. both! great combination!

ALFIE said...

when i checked in here at the inn this morning and saw this--- i knew we were kindred spirits! i just discovered this poem a few days ago-- in a levi's commercial of all things!! it touched me so!

was so excited to see it there!!

gorgeous words!