{create} vitality

vitality is a word that has been shimmering brightly in my mind for several weeks now.

you see, my friends, i am going through a transition into something new.

the last five years have been an intense chapter for me. although there have been many wildly beautiful moments, it has been a very challenging time in my life.

i have had my head down in serious concentration, working extremely hard to survive without being carried away by the undertow of some dark, difficult things that have crossed my path...

an enormous amount of my energy has been devoted to my own basic survival and to other people who needed my support.

because of this, i have been carrying a huge amount of emotional weight.

this has resulted in a loss of vitality.

and lately, i have realized this and discovered that i want my vitality back...

{little me circa 1976}

in my mind, vitality is a relationship with life.

it's like any other relationship because it needs conscious attention to thrive.

i've been writing and searching and seeking for what to do to refresh and renew my relationship with vitality.

these are the simple words that keep coming up again and again when i ask for guidance:

each day, i am nurturing these things so that i can fan the glowing embers of vitality in my life into a brightly burning fire.

my dream is for the inn to be a place where vitality is nourished, restored, curated, and shared.

beautiful guests, i would absolutely love to hear any of your thoughts on vitality. how are your vital forces doing right now? what do you do to fan the flames of a meaningful or purposeful existence?


silvii tron said...

I've realised the only thing that has been dragging me down is being able to do nothing. Being restricted by visa red tape and not being able to work, get a car and just have my own freedom has sort of zapped out my vitality and even DK realised that I haven't really been myself. I'm looking forward to our move to Japan as I can be the energetic, vibrant person I was. This also includes the social interaction I need that gives me my own vitality and the ability to bounce off other people, get ideas and such.

Hopefully you get yours back real soon and I love the child pic of you !

ALFIE said...

when i need to recharge. i go to the forest. alone.

the trees. the birds. the creek. they revitalize me. they inspire me. they keep on growing. and flying. and flowing. each day. and i'm inspired to live my life with as much beauty as they exude.

perhaps you don't feel it---because it's often difficult to be the proper judge of ourselves-- but you gush a lovely life-force :)

a big hug to you!

Foxglove Lane said...

I love your honesty and your clarity today! Everything you express is true for each of us at different times. Right now each day is too short for me there is so much I enjoy. At the same time there is the challenge of losing people close to me, my Dad is very frail right now. Funny thing is he clings to each day and every small joy awakens the small boy in him and his eyes dance!

Mary said...

As soon as I finished reading this post, I went and scribbled down vitality and it's definition in my journal. I am currently in a place where I'm not sure if I have my vitality either. I don't know what's next or quite how to get there. But each day, I (think) I get one step closer.

When I am feeling like I am right now I seek out those who I can really talk to. I go for runs in the evening when the sun is setting. I read good books.

You have inspired me and continue to inspire me in all of our exchanges. May the emotional weight that has been holding you down be lifted, dear friend.

Sending love you way today, and always.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel, dear friend, and I'm sorry you're experiencing a struggle right now. You are always so inspirational to me and I am sending you all the good vibes I can muster so that your vitality is restored and your beautiful creative energy can be set freeeeeeee!

As I am also trying to reignite my flames of vitality, I may not be the best person to offer advice. But something that always works for me when I need to clear my head is to just escape for a while. Go to a peaceful place with no distractions and just let yourself BE for a while. Without letting any negative thoughts or worries enter your mind, just think about what it is you most want and your brain will help you figure out a way to get there. The hard part for me is escaping from the distractions and worries, but I'm working on it.

Stay strong! Everything dark will pass :) I am here if you need to talk about anything!

diane said...

silvii...i am looking forward to your japan move as well -> i know it is going to revitalize you + and i'm excited to hear all about it! mobility, social time, ideas...yes!

alfie...ah, yes. nature is a sacred way to connect and recharge! you know, i keep finding feathers and each one lately reminds me of you. you inspire me immensely! xo

ca...such beautiful words you shared. i feel your passionate vitality through your photography! and the journey with your father - that is a challenging and precious one indeed, with small joys, dancing eyes, and letting go. sending you much love. xo

mary...we are kindred spirits, my friend. the inspiration is mutual. you are staying connected by writing, talking with others, physical activity, and reading. staying "plugged in" to those things will take you lovingly to the next right thing. and that's so beautiful! accepting the love and sending it right back to you.

katie...you, my dear, are a brilliant ray of sunshine. reading your words here, your daily haikus, and your brilliant email this morning just infused me with so much hope and joy!!! i'm pleased as punch to have discovered you + hope you know that i appreciate your words immensely. <3

Becca said...

I've been thinking about vitality all day. As I head back into the madness that is the school year, I've been thinking a lot about setting boundaries. Assigning non-negotiable time for me, my art, my writing, is one way I hope to maintain my vitality. And yet I feel myself being pulled back into the neverending rush. It's critical, isn't it, for us to dedicate time to ourselves? And yet it's still difficult. Let us not forego the commitment to ourselves!

p.s. I agree with everything Alfie said above.