foodstuff: they draw and cook

two of this innkeeper's favorite things combined: illustration + recipes...

{lucile prache}

{nick padavick}

{anita lozar}

{alex savakis}

these lovely creations are from they draw and cooka website and soon-to-be-published book of deliciously illustrated recipes from around the world.


HazelandMare said...

Oh wow, what a cool book! So imaginative! I am much less likely to give up on a recipe in despair if there are are happy, adorable pictures cheering me along. I definitely plan to buy this book!

I hope you had a magical weekend! :)

nikkibit said...

What a fabulous idea! Recipes are so boring I never use them. This might change my mind!

cb said...

these are so cute! my mom used to make watercolor illustrations of recipes and i love them so much! would love to get my hands on some of them!


beka*b said...

Lucile's look similar to the ones Waitrose magazine use sometimes - so lovely.

I also like the last pages you shared. Love the combo of photo and handwritten notes/directions :)

ALFIE said...

yes yes yes! this is the epitome of perfection!!!

Krystal said...

these would be awesome to hang in the kitchen!

Elizabeth said...

Total love this.

knitxcore. said...

i love the top one so much! watercolors get me every time.

Petra said...

wow, these are wonderful!

diane said...

so happy you all enjoyed these!

beka...i am not familiar with waitrose magazine but will check it out.

krystal...yes, framed would be lovely!

robbie...i'm smitten with watercolors too. :)