thimble list

i am officially finished with the school year.

it was a big one, in that i started teaching at a new school, directed three productions, and finally completed all the requirements to clear my lifetime teaching credential.

when i wrap up something big, the momentum and drive that has carried me through it is usually still going strong.

in fact, i have such velocity when i finish that if i don't purposefully stop to rest and rejuvenate, other things immediately rush in. without consciously planning to slow down, i stay on a treadmill of intensity that isn't ultimately sustainable.

at the end of a school year, it's really important for me to take some time to savor slow, peace, and quiet.

which is why jen louden's thimble list is just perfect for me right now...

a thimble list is "a list of very small ways to savor life."

i made a short thimble list for my weekend:

* cut one beautiful flower from our yard + put it in a vase in my studio
* wrap myself in a blanket on the couch + read a magazine
* eat cherries while sipping my morning coffee
* bake something simple + fun with the pie crust in my freezer
* write + mail a small note to a friend

do you have any lovely little things on your thimble list?


Monica said...

You're fabulous to be able to recognise (and act upon!) that speed of energy within. It took me a long time to accept slowing down, now I'm a pro. :)

and I LOVE the thimble list idea and your list.


Felicity said...

This is so sweet! Sounds like a splendid weekend. : )

Anonymous said...

I don't have a thimble list yet, but I think I should make one for tomorrow :) a good idea to not let my Sunday pass unsavoured!

ALFIE said...

oooohh! i love this!

my thimble list:

plant some more herbs in my garden.
make a dent in the novel i'm reading.
sit in the yard and soak up some sunshine w/my nephew.
make some more infused water and sip it with a smile :)

Kevwrex said...

This is full of thimbleism.

marci said...

What a sweet idea! :)

cb said...

i love the thimble list! so much fun and i do love the baking one! a good weekend for it since the rain has come to play!


keishua said...

I love this idea and I love your list. My thimble list:
-clean my dishes
-watch house reruns
-make dinner for a friend
-get some reading done(pleasure)

Foxglove Lane said...

Your thimble list really grabbed me. My Summer list would have a sea swim, a picnic, coffee and cake, the Saturday Irish Times, followed by a great
movie and a snooze on the couch!

Krystal said...

I love the idea of a thimble list, and i like your suggestions :) mine def. also involves fresh flowers.

nikkibit said...

I need to do something like this so bad! I have been going full speed for months, I forget what its like to be quiet and spend time with myself. The radio in my car stopped working and I literally couldn't stand to drive home in silence. It's time to quiet things down and reconnect, especially after my busy school year finishes thursday!
thanks for the inspiration!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

congrats Diane, this is such a grand achievement. you should be extremely proud of yourself!

the idea of a thimble list is SO getting implemented in my life asap. thanks for sharing this, it's brilliant! gonna start with a walk in the sunshine today, it's finally arrived and i must go out and greet it. happy new week love! ♥

diane said...

oh wow! i love all of your responses to the thimble list!

i did four of the five things on my list this weekend, and i enjoyed each one so much. it was good for me.

alfie...your garden is gorgeous + you have inspired me to make infused water this week.

kevwrex...that statement is absolutely classic you. i love it beyond beyond.

cb...what's up with this june rain? i'm trying to be patient but ready to play in the summer sun.

ca...your list sounds like my perfect day.

nikki...yes yes! rejuvenate after a busy school year. it's really important when you give soooooo much energy to your students!

lynn...thank you, my dear! xo

tea and chickadees said...

A thimble list! This is the sweetest visual - I can actually see little letters tossed inside of a thimble, then tumble them out & unscramble to create little moments to treasure.
Enjoy every savoury bit of your sweet thimble list!

diane said...

caren...i adore the visual you described! your imagination is a place filled with such loveliness. xo

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute list :) I love the idea of paying attention to the little things in life that make you so happy! I hope you have a great and relaxing weekend!


diane said...

katie...i truly think the little moments are the big moments! welcome to the inn. :)