drawn by hand: the creative license

i am taking part in this project and find myself enjoying the quickly sketched hand-drawn images which accompany many of the lists.

i love drawing. when i was a wee kiddo, i used to draw all the time.  i doodled my way through high school and college.  my adult self yearns to draw more frequently.

this book inspires me to do just that...

it is described as "a beautifully illustrated program for reconnecting to our own creative energies."  its focus is on working through artistic blocks and perfectionism through drawing and journal exercises.

the book is filled with danny's incredible illustrations and is written entirely by hand.  it is mesmerizing to behold and an inspiring read as well.  i recommend taking a peek at it the next time you are wandering around in a book store.

here is danny's website if you want read about his work or look more closely at his art.  


Lisa said...

That book looks really good, thanks for the tip! I really like the design of your header, did you draw that image?

cb said...

what a great book! i love drawing so much! it gets me through most of my life!


diane said...

lisa...my pleasure! the image in my header is a vintage illustration -> the story lives here.

cb...i'm getting inspired to start drawing again + your enthusiasm is helping me! :)