{draw} zentangles

when i was a wee sprite, i used to spend hours drawing twisted curvy lines and intricate patterns on notebook paper using skinny crayola markers...

thus, i was instantly intrigued when marit from the thirty days of lists group introduced me to the concept of a zentangle...

a zentangle is simply "an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns."

other words used to describe it:

intuitive * fun * relaxing * abstract * ceremonial * portable * timeless...

the company motto:

anything is possible one stroke at a time.

i got lost wandering around the website tonight.

and now i'm hooked. i've got the recommended pen + a brand new moleskine waiting for me.

so it's official...

the first thing i'm going to draw in my new journal is a zentangle.


Sarah said...

Zentagles are gorgeous, I have a few saved in my bookmarks. :)

Maybe I'll make one in my moleskine too!

bicocacolors said...

I'm a fan of this style, I love it!
thanks for sharing Diane, and happy happy week!

Sarah said...

P.S. I tagged you! I really hope you'll play along. You can write it all down in your moleskine. :)


Jo said...

How awesome!! I can't wait to see your first zentangle!
I shouldn't assume that you'll post it, but you will, won't you?? ;)

tea and chickadees said...

I think I unknowingly made zentangles all throughout high school!
This is very interesting - I'm going to learn more about this art form, and start zenning my tangles!
I just need a moleskine (really don't know why I've never had one before).
Thanks for sharing!

beka*b said...

Amazing! So intricate and fascinating to examine. I love!! Funnily enough I recently purchased a whopping set of crayola pens (supposedly for the punks) but will 'borrow' them to have a go at this myself... Plus it's spring break for us next week so I'll try and get the punks on this idea too! Lots of fun :)

cuppy said...

You have the prettiest handwriting I have EVER seen! I am so envious!

I stumbled onto your blog via the 30 Day of Lists thread on Flickr.


diane said...

sarah...i hope you do! i am excited to read about what evolves in that new journal of yours.

elena...these reminded me of your absolutely exquisite style. your version of this would be incredible. gracias + besos!

jo...thanks! it is highly likely that some of my zentangle fun will end up here at the inn. thanks for the encouragement.

caren...i do indeed hope you will get a moleskine. it's a little luxury that feels oh so good + you are worth it!

beka...this would be quite fun to do with the punks during spring break.

cuppy...thank you so much! *blush* how very sweet of you. welcome to the inn. :)

BeccaJ said...

I see a new pen in my future! Can't wait to try these! And I think you have some things to post, don't youuuu? ;)

diane said...

becca...yes! i see a new pen in your future + i do indeed have some zentangly things to post. :D