on display: word project

one week ago, i wrote about my new year's word tradition.

i was overjoyed by the response and participation in the project!

my evenings were spent photographing and sending the words out to wonderful people in different parts of the world.

this weekend i looked at all of the pictures together as a set and fell in love.

so, i thought perhaps you would like to see the collection...

there are still a few words left in my bag, and for now i put them next to my inspiration board.

if you did not receive a word in the first round and would like to join in, i would love to give you one. just leave a comment below and i will send a little love to your inbox.

and if any of you who participated have had an experience with your word, i would love to hear about it!


Fritzi Marie said...

I so want a word from your word bag. This the the best idea I've heard in a while. You are too cute!

love love,

cb said...

i love the pictures especially the change on and of course the one you sent me! working on post about it, i can't wait to share!


Skooks said...

Yay! I got "Listen" and I set it as my desktop background. It's something I need to do more of . . . with pretty much everyone and everything in my life. Lately, I've been trying to "listen" to my body which needs to be better taken care of. ;)

diane said...

kitty...wonderful! your word will be winging its way to you soon. <3

cb...thank you. i am so excited to hear about it!

skooks...oh, my heart is so happy to think of this image as your desktop background! to 'listen' is such an important gift, for ourselves and for others.

diane said...

kitty...hello, lovely! your word has been sent. xo

Jaime said...

Hey Diane! I requested a word during your first blog post but my comment seems to have disappeared to e-limbo. So, I'd love one. I want to include in my vision map collage for the new year. xo!

diane said...

jaime...so sorry for the mysterious disappearance of your comment! another friend reported having trouble with a comment not posting this week. i will send you a word on sunday. oh, and i love that you're vision map collaging! let's go out for tea soon + catch up. <3

diane said...

jaime...your word has been sent! xo

beka*b said...

Belatedly, I'm game! What word would you give me to carry through the next 6 months? Love to hear from you :)