obsession: pinterest

i find myself frequently lost in the colorful pages of pinterest...

it started last year when i participated in the 'pin it forward' event hosted by victoria of sfgirlbybay.

i used the newly launched software to create this post and pinboard. it turned out to be the perfect thing for a super visual girl like me.

through my use of pinterest, i have eradicated long lists of bookmarks which were simply pictures that i loved and saved.

these beauties are now neatly organized on 'pinboards' with their web location attached.

it makes my heart flutter to look at my boards.

i see the patterns and preferences of my current style emerging when i look at my favorite images this way.

i collect recipes, house decor, crafts i want to make, food photography, clothing wish lists, gift ideas, and snaps of ridiculously lovely people.

some favorite boards i've created:

pinterest is a wonderful, fun tool for visual learners and thinkers.

it's available by invitation, and i still have some to share.

if you would like to try pinterest, leave me a comment below and i will send you a link.

be prepared for the possibility of a new obsession.


tea and chickadees said...

I never really understood was all the hype was over pinterest... until now. (your doggle & octo collections did it for me!)
Now I, too, want to punch up my visuals by pinning virtual photos!
It would be a privilege to use your invitation. :)

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

i would love an invitation! I have such trouble organizing my inspirations online and then when i want to share them, i don't remember the original links :(
this would cut down on bookmarks for me too

cb said...

how great! i have never heard of this before...i use tumblr but this might be even better! thanks for sharing hon!

i posted today about my word you sent me!


aubrey said...

I would love to try pinterest! It is mentioned all the time, but your explanation was really helpful. I usually don't even get as far as bookmarking (an abyss in a way for me) and just leave a zillion tabs open.

diane said...

how exciting!

caren + heidi + cb...i just sent your invitations. enjoy!

aubrey...i just sent you a message asking for your email info. :)

Ben said...

Thanks for the really nice blog post. I'm so happy you're enjoying pinterest. If any of your readers would like to join, they can click this link! http://bit.ly/enidh

ALFIE said...

ooooo!!! i just came across pinterest within the past few weeks, applied for access, and opened a board (which i have linked from my blog!). i LOVE it. repeat...LOVE it! and am so glad to discover your boards! am following :)

diane said...

ben...thank you for developing such an awesome concept. i really love it. and i appreciate that you provided a link for reader access. how cool of you! :)

alfie...i love it too and am so excited to connect with you in that beautiful place! xo

tea and chickadees said...

Such a lovely little gift, this Pinterest is! thanks so much Diane for sending me an invite. I already started using it, but definitely not to its full capabilities. I love how it's a continuous source of inspiration! xox

diane said...

caren...my pleasure, dear friend! xo

Sarah said...

I'm not sure if I can still be invited, but if at all possible it would be great - it looks like so much fun! My bookmarks are exploding. :P

If it's still a chance my email is atlanticatlantis(at)gmail(dot)com


diane said...

sarah...it is indeed so much fun! i sent you an invitation this morning. now you can immerse yourself in pinning those exploding bookmarks. feel free to email me if you have questions...enjoy! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Diane! I've been nonstop browsing for the past day, haha. :)

diane said...

sarah...you're welcome! isn't it addictive? :)