dear friends, my birthday approaches...

on saturday i will welcome my thirty-sixth year.

this means i only have a few days left of my thirty-fifth year.

i am currently in the process of reflecting on this.

every single year i am filled with gratitude that i have been graciously gifted another three-sixty-five.

the last twelve months have been beautiful.

this week, i will be celebrating the year that is ending and dreaming of the year ahead.

do you have any birthday rituals that you love?


Amy T Schubert said...

I luuuuuurrrrrve birthdays!
Have a fantastic one ....

Fritzi Marie said...


Happy Happy Birthday Week. I'm coming up on my 36th birthday as well. We would have been in the same high school class. How fun that would have been. Recently, I have been making lists of what I want and wish to do before each new birthday. It makes my birthday feel more like a celebration and helps me not think about the age so much. Then I get to throw myself a party. I hope you're special day is magical.

love love,

cb said...

happy early birthday!! no rituals really but i do always love to go out to dinner or make dinner. i love celebrating with food!


Felicity said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Mim Smith Faro said...

Happy Birthday week!

At our house, the birthday person gets to choose the restaurant and fun activity to do. Since my son arrived ON my birthday, I have had to share this day. I will forever be 32 + Luke and he and I will be celebrating next month :)

Anonymous said...

Celebrate with joy my friend! Many more beautiful things are ahead for you :)

Whatever else happens on our birthdays, we always make sure to spend an hour or two at the bookstore...and often little bookstore gift certificates are slipped into birthday pockets...

diane said...

thanks for sharing these traditions...you are giving me wonderful new ideas!

i really appreciate all the love.