tomorrow is john lennon's 70th birthday...

i fell deeply, madly in love with john when i was in seventh grade.

more accurately, my junior high years were filled with beatles mania. i covered the walls of my bedroom in beatles posters and listened to cassette tapes of 'the white album' nearly every day on my walkman. john was my serious beatle crush. i purchased those iconic wire frames and read everything about him that i could possibly find.

today's google logo is a tribute to john...

visit the site and play the lovely little animation.

side note: this song has always turned me into a teary mess. it probably always will.

my birthday wish for john: i wish for more dreamers to join us and for the world to know peace.

for john's 70th birthday, check out the digital remastering of his solo work + tweet a message to the imagine peace tower tomorrow which will be illuminated in his honor.


Mim Smith Faro said...

I grew up with the Beatles. My dad was a fan and I loved to listen to music with him. In 2000, when they released the Beatles 1, it became a favorite in our car. My daughter (who was 5 at the time) asked if we could go to a concert to see the Beatles. When I explained to her that we couldn't because some of the members were dead, she started to cry. Thanks for reminding me of this memory.

diane said...

mim...a beautiful memory - thank you for sharing it with me.