costume swoon: coraline

last year i dressed up as coraline...

still pondering my costume for this year.

i am a theater girl and super geeky about this kind of thing.

{geeky in a fun excited hyper silly happy way}

are you dressing up for halloween?

if so, i would love to hear about your ensemble...


Skooks said...

I'm not dressing up this year, but my 3 year old is stuck on being Alice in Wonderland. She is most insistent on my 1 year old being the white rabbit and she *thinks* that my husband is going to be the Mad Hatter and I'm going to be the March Hare.

I love the Coraline costume!

diane said...

skooks...thanks for the coraline costume love!

i directed the musical version of "alice" recently and LOVED the costumes in that show.

are you absolutely sure that you aren't dressing up? the skooks bunch in "alice" garb would be adorable! :)

leah said...

How super cute are you?! Love it!

cb said...

oh so CUTE!!! i love that idea, that movie was great! did you read the graphic novel? loved it!

yes totally going to dress up! the mister and i are going as morticia and gomez from the addams family :) love that show and the movie!


Mim Smith Faro said...

Love the Coraline costume! I think I'm going to dress up as a roller derby queen complete with black eye.

diane said...

leah...*blush* thank you kindly!

cb...i adore the movie! i did not read the graphic novel and would love to check it out.

morticia and gomez are such wonderful characters. passionate, fashionable, and hilarious! what a great choice.

mim...does this mean you will be wearing the skates the whole time? :)