ciao, rene

Rene di Rosa,
a newspaperman who made his mark on the Napa Valley
as a vineyardist, art collector and philanthropist,
died Sunday at 91.

Friends remember him as an irreverent spirit
who helped put the Carneros on the map as a wine region,
then converted a portion of his property
into an “art preserve”
today known as di Rosa
where utterly modern sculptures and paintings
from Northern California artists of the past 50 years
are on public display.

the di rosa is a unique and wonderful place filled with modern art.

it is an eclectic and provocative collection set amongst the stunning backdrop of rolling hills covered in vineyards.

i find it strange, beautiful, fascinating, perplexing, creepy, and wonderful.

bravo, rene di rosa. you used your life to design create a spectacular, expansive, and extraordinary work of art.

thank you for sharing it so generously.

divinely regional, superbly parochial, wondrously provincial
- - an absolute native glory

{rene di rosa} 

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