'bury me in leaves' journal project: round two

earlier this year, i started an art project with heidi from bury me in leaves.

we have been swapping a creative journal back and forth between california and virgina.

if you would like to read more about the project...

round one: from me --> heidi

round two: from heidi --> me

round three: from me --> heidi

it just arrived on her doorstep this week.

here are the round three prompts heidi sent and the pages i designed...

{color: fill a page with a color}

{dreams: explain a powerful dream}

{stories: describe someone who had an impact on you}

{goals: five for the rest of the year}

so now, the art journal is in the hands of the amazing ms. pumpkin pie!

it will be wonderful to see what she creates next...


Hearthandmade said...

This is amazing!! I did a journal swap with someone last year - only i made a journal for her to fill
In - so I coloured pages and doodles and put some of my own art in! I love your pages =)

Your comment on my blog made me laugh cuz I'm exactly the same when I see beautifully organised things! The okra kitchen section gets me excited with their organised drawers!

diane said...

hearthandmade...thank you for the journal love!

you are so right: organized things rock. :)

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

i loved your pages so much!!