weeds + water: lettuce catch up

over two months ago, i harvested my lettuces and promised you photos and notes of the process.

promptly after this exciting event, i got completely swooped into summer.

after harvesting my greens that day, my passionate photography and dedicated daily details went on hiatus. i watered my plants regularly but slipped into a spontaneous summer state of busy bliss.

despite the lack of updates here, the garden has been a delightful journey. i have stories to tell and snaps to share.

so without further adieu, let's pick up where we left off.

i present to you my lovely lettuces from that day in july...

that vibrant pile of my very own greens got drizzled with olive oil, splashed with balsamic vinegar, and sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper.

so sweet, succulent, and fresh!

this was my first lettuce growing experience and i loved it. i cut close to the base of the plants and they grew back twice! gathering several harvests from each plant was really great.

the whole process was easy, satisfying, and delicious.

this concludes the dew drop inn twenty ten lettuce report.

coming soon: tales of teeny tiny tomatoes...

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