library love

this year, i unofficially committed to stop my book buying addiction by cultivating my use of the library.

it's part of clearing clutter and embracing minimalism, a shift that seems to be evolving within me daily.

due to this commitment, i have fallen totally in love with our little local library!

online, i can request any book i am interested in and then wait for an email saying it is ready for pick up.

here are my recently borrowed books...

i would love to add some new requests to my library list.

so...what are you reading right now that you recommend?


jackiebean said...

i just recently finished the 8th book {i think it was the 8th} in the outlander series, by diana gabaldon. i *highly* recommend all of the books! it's part romance, part adventure, part mystery, part sci-fi. it's a little bit of everything. i think you might really like it.

diane said...

jackiebean...thank you so much for the recommendation. i requested the first book of the series and will have it soon. it sounds intriguing!

Mim Smith Faro said...

Have you read The Hunger Games series? My sixth graders are in love with that series. I was too but was disappointed by the last book :(

diane said...

mim...no, i haven't read the series but i just added it to my list. everyone is talking about it lately! thank you for the recommendation.