weeds + water wednesday: lettuce eat greens tonight!

it has been a foggy week on the hill.

as the rest of the country is sweltering in hot summer temperatures, the dew drop inn is surrounded by windy cool fog from the ocean.

this weather significantly altered our fourth of july party plans.  instead of running through sprinklers and drinking lemonade, we were snuggled up cozy indoors while the wind howled and the fog rolled in from the coast.

the sun does pop out in the afternoons, but it has been blustery and chilly all week.  this makes me slightly sad about the absence of toasty summer heat!

however, my lovely little lettuces LOVE this climate...

suddenly they are overflowing in their pot and full of colorful bright leaves...

this afternoon, i decided to research how to harvest lettuces.  this is, after all, my first batch ever and i don't want to mess it up!

once again, gayla over at you grow girl has provided the information i needed.

it is official: i am heading out right now to cut our first salad of the season!

i'll let you know how it goes with notes and photos soon...

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