pin it forward: what home means to me

i am very excited that today is my turn to pin it forward!

the event: 

a blogger mashup hosted by victoria of the beautiful design blog sfgirlbybay.  

the basics: 

three hundred bloggers were invited to use a new visual bookmarking site called pinterest.  the site is a virtual inspiration board, a place you can "pin" images from your internet adventures and combine them into themed collections.  it records and links where you found your images.  it is also a social experience, as "pinboards" can be shared with other users. 

the assignment: 

each blogger was asked to create a post for the theme "what home means to me" using pinterest to gather images.

the mashup:  

ten groups of thirty bloggers have been posting and passing it on since the end of may. 

my thoughts on pinterest: 

super easy, really fun, visually satisfying, incredibly useful for blogging, and totally addictive!

my post: 

what home means to me...

this has been a wonderful idea to ponder for the last month.

the process of searching for and collecting these photos filled me with gratitude.  every single snapshot is something that is an essential part of my daily life. 

there have been many layers of thought and feeling in this search, but ultimately what i want to share is simple.

i was madly in love with my childhood home and heartbroken when my parents sold it.  although it was truly the best decision for everyone, i thought that "home" was gone and that i would never feel that feeling again.

however, the process gave me the freedom to realize that "home" is really about the experiences created in a space and the amazing people who live there.

in other words,

home is a place for being


home is a place for being together.

may we find a home 
everywhere on earth 
where we are together.

to me, home is...

a place to love

a place to cook

a place to eat + drink

a place to grow + harvest

a place to relax

a place to rest

a place to play

a place to listen

a place to create

a place to read + learn

a place to find peace

things to check out:

here is my pinboard for the images in this post.

you are cordially invited to visit suzanne at S.HOPtalk tomorrow for the last post in my group.

i have ten invites to pinterest and would love to share them with you.  comment here or email me if you would like one!


thank you emma of the marion house book for introducing me.

thank you victoria for a lovely experience.

and thank you pinterest for a super cool new way of collecting images i love!


Fringe said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous images and really special thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life. It was lovely to "meet" you in this way.

Your blog is wonderful too...


bicocacolors said...

i looooooooove this post!!!
greetings from spain

aubrey said...

Beautiful photos! Everything is so fresh and relaxing.

ALFIE said...

lovely images! i love your ideas of what home is.

my parents still own my childhood home and it's so sad to think it might belong to someone else one day. however--you've reminded me about the important aspects of what MAKES a home :)