herb and dorothy

there is a message that is showing up again and again in my life over the last few years:

* small consistent actions add up *

this message is important for a dramatic dame like myself.  i am a gal with a penchant for sweeping grand gestures and a chaotic relationship with all-or-nothing perfectionism.

the idea of micromovements surfaced in this amazing documentary that i watched tonight...

this film fascinated and inspired me on several levels:

* art + passion + devotion + persistence + intrinsic value *

if you have not seen it, i do recommend it.

(netflix users - this movie is a 'watch instantly' option.)

if you have seen it, i would love to hear your thoughts...


ALFIE said...

* small consistent actions add up *

LOVE that!!!

and this documentary looks fantastic!! MUST rent it! thanks for the suggestion :)

Ashley said...

i can totally relate to that "all or nothing" syndrome! can't wait to check this out!

btw, i gave you a blog award! check it out here http://www.abirdoutofwater.com/2010/07/for-this-award-i-have-to-thank.html


Sal said...

i looked it up but it's not available for renting yet :( maybe i will try download it, it looks really interesting! thanks for sharing! xo

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reco! we loved watching this this week...herbie and dorothy are so darn cute. I envy their single mindedness and their certainty (they know what they want)...art is their life! I love that they don't just buy art, they build relationships and have genuine interest in the art and the artistic process. that said, i'm not much into that style myself, and OMG their tiny stuffed apartment! great film :) what are you watching this week?

Anonymous said...

oh p.s. have you watched 'every little step'?