green thumb thursday: catching up with summer

note: this week's installment of "weeds + water wednesday" is a day late, thus i have temporarily named it "green thumb thursday."  just catching up from my hiatus.  thank you for your patience.

i am pleased to report back with happy garden news after last week's weather woes!

the sunshine has returned and i have declared that it is officially SUMMER.

while i was waiting for the rain to end, i did an audio evernote inventory and sketched of all my empty pots in my journal to plan my garden.

the rain took so long to leave that i also took diphone photos and made a watercolor + ink rendering of the inventory...

...i am a visual thinker/learner/planner.  

i use little sticky notes to play around with possibilities before deciding on the final choices of plants...

...this may seem meticulous, ridiculous, and utterly non-spontaneous.  but if i don't plan this way, i walk into the garden store and get completely overwhelmed.  i have no idea what to buy, how many of each, or where i will plant everything.  

this little project helps me avoid plant shopping chaos and enjoy the entire process more.

after i finish with the sticky notes, i'm going to purchase and plant this weekend.  and once i do that i will update the painting by writing the official plants on it.

geeky?  absolutely.

but really fun.

so...are any of you growing gardens this summer?  

if so, did you plan it all or go with the flow?


Hearthandmade said...

this is genius!!!

Ive plated basil in the kitchen window..

my orchid is thriving in the bathroom.. a leaf fell off the other day and i was almost heartbroken. its so much work looking after them!!

Im growing broad breans and dwarf french beans and i recently had to move my peppers outside.. i think they have a vascular disease so i may need to throw them out :( buying a plant medical type book of fungusessesess and diseasessess was the best thing i ever did!! I try to keep good care!

ALFIE said...

look at how organized you are! i wish i had been that put together. i kind of got all my seedlings and seeds together and went out and planted! i did look into when i should place certain things---and have been planting in rounds according to the weather---but other than that---i just planted and the rest has taken care of itself. i weed and water :)

diane said...

@hearthandmade...i can never have enough basil, orchids are super moody creatures, and your use of the phrase "fungusessesess and diseasessess" made me laugh loudly.

@alfie...i should note that last year i planted randomly without a plan and it all turned out fine. the rain this year drove me to this organizational madness! btw, i would love to know what you are growing.