weeds + water wednesday: the dew drop inn garden project

i am a very new garden grower.

actually, i grew up helping my parents grow a garden every summer in ohio.  in this sense, i am not totally new to dirt, seeds, and weeds.

but the very first garden i ever grew all by myself was last summer.

i live in the beautiful rolling green and gold hills of a place called sebastopol.  it's a northern coastal california town and everything grows like crazy here

we moved here last april and i decided that it was finally time to start my own little garden.

even though i was new to the area, i quickly realized that the land we are living on has at least a gazillion gophers in it waiting to eat my veggies.

so, i chose to start small and create a container garden full of simple culinary herbs that would live on my porch.

i bought all the little teeny plants from our sunday farmer's market and brought them proudly home in my basket.

here is a picture of that first garden when it started last may:

i had a bountiful summer and was ecstatic when i was cooking and could run outside to snip a few herbs as needed.

then, the winter came.

and i let everything just go wild.

so here are time lapse photos of then and now:

in the next few weeks, i will be weeding, trimming what will stay, clearing what must go, remixing/nourishing the soil, and choosing/planting new plants.  

last year i was completely brand new.

this year, i still have no clue what i'm doing...but this time i'm planning to take you on the adventure with me!


MeeshOne.Love said...

I think your little garden looks great! Isn't it crazy how mint flourishes? Ours dies off and comes back times 3 every year! I'm so jealous of your basil...ours hasn't quite made it this season. But I think it should be okay to plant now. Our weather up here is much more tempermental, it was hailing the other day and then perfectly sunny and blue skied a few moments later. The basil looked like it got shot with a teeny tiny pellet gun!

alyssa said...

My basil plant was HUGE HUGE HUGE last year, and it totally died big time over the winter :( I think one of the reasons was that (and this makes no sense to me) the wine barrel we had it in would NOT DRAIN! So it got filled up with water a lot :-/

Ashley said...

We just got our container garden all planted a few weeks ago too. Isn't it so exciting to have things GROW? It's amazing!

Your house looks awesome with that porch!

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

I NEED insight into gardening! It's something I admire so much but cannot "get." Even when I bought a desert plant I managed to kill it and felt horrible so I quit. Then I see people with herb gardens and tea gardens and get so jealous that I can't pull mint whenever I want it, eat a ripe tomato I grew, grab some cilantro or asparagus from my back porch. you grow girl!

Becca said...

Congrats on your little garden! I remember the first time I ever grew anything from seed- it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! If you're like me, you'll soon by addicted to gardening!

Btw, what happened to the oregano? So sad!