i just finished scrubbing plaster off of my face.

plaster, you say?


i spent the evening making a mask.

it was one of the tasks for this week in the workbook vein of gold by julia cameron...

...i have been working through this book one teeny tiny step at a time since november.

it is the book that follows the artist's way which i completed almost ten years ago...

...vein of gold is about exploring and connecting with the core of truth that is present in your art.

there are seven different "kingdoms" to journey through in the book:

  • story
  • sight
  • sound
  • relationship
  • attitude
  • spirituality
  • possibility

the mask i worked on this evening is the final task in the kingdom of sight.

the book has been an amazing source of structure and inspiration for me.

it has me writing every morning, taking myself on weekly "artist dates," and constantly creating fun projects.

ultimately, it is allowing me to sift through my past, consciously design my present, and creatively envision my future.  

in a heartfelt and honest way.

what a splendid adventure!

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Heidi pumpkin pie said...

I am going to look into getting these 2 books soon!
They look and sound amazing. Sometimes it is easy for me to get into a funk. Then I have to search all over the internet before I feel inspired again :(