a foodie in hiding...

i have a confession to make.

i have been thinking about posting food posts for months and have been avoiding doing so.

after pondering the reason why, i discovered that my inner perfectionist is responsible for the issue.

fact: i am a lifelong foodie and a devoted reader of cookbooks and food blogs.

fact: for over a decade, i worked in the food industry in swanky restaurants and with famous chefs.

fact: i absolutely, positively LOVE to cook.

but i have been feeling so totally overwhelmed by the idea of food blogging, particularly photography and writing recipes.

my inner perfectionist keeps saying, you are not smitten kitchen, the pioneer woman, orangette, or matt from mattbites.  so why try?

now that i am aware of this, i have decided to power through and start my foodie posts.

so now you have the truth.

and from now on, fridays are devoted to my completely wild passion for FOOD!

to kick things off, the next friday post you see will be a recipe with photos for my honey olive oil pizza dough.



Parker said...

OH, my goodness...I can't wait for your Foodie Fridays to begin.

Fritzi Marie

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

I think this is a great idea!
I'm a secret foodie, too and would NEVER post my things.

I can't wait to try making your dough for one of our pizza nights!

Ashley said...

i'm so excited for Foodie Fridays!

unfortunately for me, i can longer have yummy things like your oh-so-delicious sounding dough due to my gluten intolerance :(

but i will DEF pass along your recipes to my food lovin' gluten eatin'friends! good luck!

jackiebean said...

hooray for foodies! i read my food blogs just as much as my artsy and craftsy ones. why not combine?! looking forward to your recipes. :)

thursday said...

That sounds delicious! I can't wait to see!