thai squares

one of my oldest friends brought me these beautiful hand stitched squares from thailand...


...the detail is absolutely incredible.  they are only about 2" x 2" and those stitches are teeeeeeny tiny.

i'm thinking about having them framed.  any other ideas as to what i could do to preserve and display them?


nikolina100 said...

oh wow! those are great.
I think framing them would be awesome!

Saw your blog link on the indie school forum. I am now a follower :)

Rachel Beyer said...

Wow those are beautiful! I think framing them could be lovely. You could also use them like patches to embellish clothing or bags or something?

Found you via Club Indie. Can't wait for class to start! See you there!

Ashley said...

wow! these make me want to book a trip right now!! beautiful :)