last summer, we spent a wonderful week visiting salt spring island, canada.

one of my favorite moments on the island was visiting the saturday market.  it was a dreamy summer day of delicious local food and beautiful handmade art!  

i fell in LOVE with the booth of farmhouse gallery, in particular with the plush monsters made by diane perry of the wrestler and the needle.  i went back to the booth three different times and purchased several monsters to give to some darling babies in my life.

because i was so smitten with the monsters, i decided to use my travel watercolors and paint their portraits in my sketchbook before giving them away...





Morganism said...

This is super cute! You should write mini biographies for the monsters to include with the paintings!

wendy said...

i love your monsters, pi! caramel reminds me of peach with her tough girl smile and dont mess with me black eye. i forgot to mention i love the cards on the fridge at miles and ben's. i've begun making things here, little by little, and can relate to that excitement you felt when you visited your favorite art store in the city... (i forget which one... i remember reading an entry about it awhile back). i'm totally getting that... it's this feeling of grand possibility and very addicting. i'm looking forward to thursday afternoon/evening... if you wish, bring some crafts?!