about the inn

the inn is my imaginary cottage in the woods, my fictional bed and breakfast, and my metaphorical magical hotel.

my heart fills up with effervescent joy when entertaining guests in this space.

in my mind it looks like this...

or this...

the inn is...

* an artist's retreat
* an adventurer's resting place
* a whimsical workshop for eccentric souls

it is also...

* a colorful vintage carnival
* a midsummer night's dream
* a mercurial menagerie

it is...

* made with a sprinkle of woo
* sometimes serious and sometimes silly
* purposefully, positively filled with love

what to expect when visiting...

* art
* stories
* photography
* philosophy
* creativity
* growth
* garden
* food

my vision as an innkeeper is to...

* work a bit of alchemy, converting daily dross into golden treasure
* share my stories, gifts, and art and in doing so, nurture yours
* create a space where you can walk through the door and breathe deeply
* inspire thoughts, laughter, rejuvenation

as a guest of the inn, you are invited to...

* take a nap in a skychair
* sit by the fire
* listen to stories
* sip on a glass of wine or a mug of tea
* savor delicious food
* take a walk in the garden
* watch great movies
* look at beautiful art
* listen to music
* talk philosophy
* stargaze

welcome, kindred spirits!

if you so desire, you always have a reservation at the inn.